MOMS Club of Oakland, CA

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The MOMS Club of Oakland offers support, activities and fun to moms and their kids. We get together mostly on weekdays, when at-home or part-time working moms need the support most. However, some of our members do work full time or have alternative work schedules, so we sometimes meet up on weekends too. We are all about customizing our play dates to fit the schedules of the moms and kids in our club! 

More Info On Our Chapter

We are a group of mothers living throughout Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, that get together with our children for play groups at homes, parks and other locations throughout the month. These activities include trips to the Oakland Zoo, Tilden Little Farm, Habitot, the Lawrence Hall of Science, MOCHA, swimming and much more. We usually have at least two to four activities planned for each week. And, of course, we are always open to new suggestions and ideas!


Unlike informal playgroups that often fizzle out over time, our group is here to stay! You can count on things to do every week if you need that kind of structure, or you can attend activities more sporadically as it fits your schedule. Kids form long-lasting friendships as they see the same faces again and again over time, and many of us have formed long-lasting friendships with other moms in the group.


The Oakland Chapter welcomes all moms, regardless of working-status, culture, religious orientation, race, background, etc. We'd love to have you in our chapter! Contact us!


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